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Drumbeat is a collaborative Finnish R&D&I-project for developing methods and software for sharing and linking Building Information Model (BIM) data on the Web.

This site introduces Drumbeat ideas and Web of Building data concept. Our starting point is that in deeply networked AEC/FM industry also the information management will be distributed and open interfaces between stakeholders are crucial in adding value to client. Drumbeat create interfaces for accessing and integrating the BIM data with other information systems and services in the business.

Usage of BIM data has been based on native software and IFC files or lately on vendor specific model-servers.  Drumbeat goal is to make all BIM data accessible at objects level on the Web with common API interface that is based on Web-of-Data technologies. The suggested Web of Building Data concept is set of methods and technologies that will make this possible.

All this is part of digital transformation in AEC/FM information management and the Web of Building Data could have a game changer role in this. The tradition where building information is interpreted by humans from one data source to another can be changed into era of linking data between sources and maintaining information integrity and the meaning of the data on the Web.

Site content
Visio of Drumbeat and principles and basics what is Web of Building Data concept.
Open source software available for testing and implementing. Open source license type:
MIT License
Examples of Drumbeat implementations in some use cases.
Published research papers.
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Targets and contact information of the Drumbeat project.



Last update: 4.1.2017