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DRUMBEAT in brief

Drumbeat is a Web of Building Data concept and software for publishing and linking BIM information on the Web in construction projects and facility management. In basic case an IFC-model is converted into Web-of-Data format where each model object with GUID is given unique URI address and it can be accessed with authorization over the Web. In this sense the developed Drumbeat platform software is like a web-based model server which have modern Web-of-Data interface and IFC-based ontology.

Most important feature is that all URI-identified data can be linked with other datasets in other servers. These data sources can be e.g. other BIM-servers, product libraries and other databases or sensor systems which have Drumbeat compatible Web of Building Data interface.

Business case

Web of Building Data offer new business opportunities to AEC/FM stakeholders and ICT providers in the area of  sharing and managing digital data in collaboration. Instead of sharing document files or exchanging digital machine-to-machine messages, the idea is to create links between data items in different services on the Web.

The linked data can be accessed and combined with new web applications or mobile apps. It is also possible to copy the data to another location but the technology is intended to maintain the link to the original data which makes easier to update all related data. Main use case is to link other data sources with objects in BIMs and utilize the BIM as master data for accessing all building related data and in the future also all built environment data during the lifecycle of a property.

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